The unheard story of a girl Part 6

The unheard story of a girl Part 6

Now the Zamindar Sahib gave ₹ 2, then how would the people of the village have the courage to deny that the rest of the landlord’s name was also known to be beaten. Gathered and got nugget from somewhere and in the afternoon, Gheesha Ram and his son went to fetch the shroud from the market.

The unheard story of a girl Part 6

People started cutting bamboo bamboo; Ram falls down and arrives in the market Gheesa Ram wood so he got it to burn me, why son, son said, yes there is a lot of shroud, so let’s take some light shroud. . What is the bad custom that whoever does not get won, needs a new vow to kill him, and what is kept is that at ₹ 5, he would have taken some medicine.
Both were talking about each other’s mind, they roamed around in the market, ever went to this Bajaj shop, sometimes they saw different types of clothes, silk and cotton at that shop, but do not know even if it is evening, both of them do not know what Goddess Inspiration reached in front of a tavern and as they went inside by some pre-arranged arrangement, both of them stood in confusion for a long time, yet gheesharam went in front of the throne and Sahu Ji gave us a bottle. After giving some snacks, fried fish came and both of them started sitting in the verandah and drinking peacefully after drinking many keys. .

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