How to Start A Youtube Channel in 2020

How to Start A Youtube Channel in 2020 – A beginners guide to YouTube

how to start your youtube channel so a lot of you guys have asked about this since the longest time now and i was writing each and every thing i want to make this video on point without blabbering so here i am it took me a little time but finally i am doing it so i am sitting in front of you, and i will be sharing my tips and tricks to start your own channel in 2020.

How to Start A Youtube Channel in 2020
How to Start A Youtube Channel in 2020

first question: is it a good idea to start a channel in 2020?

if you want to start a channel either to earn money or for your passion or hobby then you should start it right now, i will talk about money in a bit but if we will talk about your hobby then you should start it right now you just have to create an account on google you can find millions of video about how to create a youtube channel you can watch any and can begin which is really easy so lets talk about Monetization! in 2018 youtube has introduced a new rule for the creators people who has started their channel in 2018, by the way i have also started my channel my 2018 i wish i could have started in 2017,2016…. but in 2018

youtube has introduced with a guideline the guideline was you have to get 1000 subscribers and you also need to get 4000 hours of watch time back in 2018, 2 years ago this policy was introduced for a reason because a ton of random people make a video for example they make a video on a clickbait title, they got a ton of views their video will end up in trending thats why there were a lot of weird videos circulate in trendingso there are some folks who just made one or two videos they earn a lot of money and they stop which lead to a lot of piracy and also results in copying others content there are like so many things!! thats why youtube has decided they will focus more on watch time in 2018 whats the reason behind this now? its simple!

if the watch time of your channel is a lot then that means people are interested in watching your content if your watch time was not able to complete the threshold of 4000 hours in a year then it means people are not interested in your content and you should understand that youtube is not for you. so this one year is really important for you 4000 hours of watch time, whats that? that means you’re watching this video, say its 10 min long so how many times this video needs to be watched so that it completes 4000 hours 4000 hours is equal to 2,40,000 minutes and now this 10 min video needs to be watched for 2,40,000 minutes to complete that 4000 hours of threshold it sounds like a crazy number right?

but if you have a very good content then you can definitely surpass this 4000 hours of threshold its not a big deal. back in 2017,2016 you just need 10,000 views thats all you will be eligible for monetization! but in 2018 you need 1000 subs plus a watch time of 4000 hours you need to complete this within a year so make sure that whatever content you’re creating should be interesting, would appeal the audience would attract them to watch your videos now whats my tip for you guys, to complete that 4000 hours?

i have a small tip for you, make videos that make your audience interact with you determine which video of yours is more appealing to your audience, and try to find your niche lets talk about the third thing! a ton of you guys have asked, ” do i need a camera”? oaky i will put a clip for you so for today’s video i have prepared few notes and now you guys will know how i am filming this video, its almost 2 years now its april 4 i hope you will watch this video by 7th so its been 2 years since i had started this channel in 2 years i never had purchased a camera now i am thinking about buying a camera but till date i have filmed every video of mine on my iPhone so you just need a phone and a tripod you dont need a fancy tripod, you can get quite an affordable one on amazon so the tripod which i am using is from amazon its not expensive but it is very stable always buy a little heavy tripod so that it wont move which filing outdoors so lets talk about the fourth thing!

question: which app shuld i use to edit my videos?

if you’re using iphone then you can use imovie, its free likswise in android phones there will be a free software i will put the link in the description box because i am using iphone for filming so i know about imovie more its been 2 years since i am using it and its very easy, and if you guys would like to know how i edit my videos then let me know will share in my coming videos so you just have to edit and after editing, you just need to upload on your channel the most important thing is content.

what kind of content should i create?

how to emphasis the audience to interact with me?

so do that which you can do in the best manner for example if you’re good at cooking then start with cooking videos if you think that you have a good acting skill you can create a meme then make comedy videos. only stick with that where you dont have to fake it whatever you want to do do it straight away, without any hesitation. be yourself! dont make your audience fool because those are the ones who can judge you well fakeness wont work in the long run your audience will easily determine what is real and what is fake! next thing : Consistency, its a key for example you have just started your channel and you have that one year time to complete that 4000 hours of threshold so consistency is really important in achieving it

so if you upload a vdeo, say last week and then you wont put any video for the next 2 weeks that might affect your Channel, this is the biggest mistake that i have done with my channel, my channel was growing tremendously well, i have started my channel in april,2018 by december i have got 50,000 subs and my channel was monetized in 4 months so i have completed 4000 hours in 4 months only. i was really happy with that as its not easy within few months the biggest mistake i had done is i went to india and i took a break from youtube for 4 months which slow down the growth of my channel so please dont commit this mistake and be very consistent what you guys can do is, atleast make one or two videos a week and have a little schedule, i am not sure about timings though may be you can select a time for a video, but again your subs can be from any where so so you cant be sure about time zones but its important to have your days for ex: you can upload a video on monday and on friday. There should be days selected for your videos to be published so lets talk about good lighting there are so many set ups available on mazons be it soft boxes or you can buy a ring light i didnt get anything until last month i bought a ring light last month as i really want to invest in a good light i am a makeup enthu and i want a good lighting setup as i sometimes try to film makeup videos but right now i am filming this video in sunlight so i am getting the light from the window all the lights are off in the room its just the sunlight in which i am filming so its important to have a good lighting as it improves the quality of a video a very imp step: watch your own video after editing your video, watch your own video from start to finish, the segment which you skip yourself is the segment which is boring so its a very simple tip which will give you an idea where your audience skips your video which affect your average duration so delete that part which is boring to maximise your duration so watch your video yourself if you think the video is entertaining then your audience will definitely enjoy it too there is a big aspect in youtube, which is your Title a title can make a huge difference seo will work according to your title so if you are making a video then its important to have a related title when you are just starting your channel will give you an ex if i will write a title fot this video, and i will write how to start your YT Channel then seo will somehow made this video available for the people who are searching for similar content.

but if i will write my own experience then this video will only get the impressions of my subs because SEO wont recognise it and cant optimize it aswell its very imp for you guys to work on your titile to be ranked Again titles, desc and tags are all very imp.if you want to know how then let me know will clear your doubts in the coming videos last and certainly not the least donot care a lot about negative comments see there is a very thin line between a constructive critcism and a very rude comment you should understand this person is trying to give a very positive response whereas this person is straight bullying you so make sure that which one needs a response whom to give a reaction and whom not so yes guys this is all for today’s video if you are planning to start a channel then wish you all the best it is such a beautiful journey but if you want to know how much a youtuber will earn then let me know i have a really good experience in that lol so if you want to know about the earnings then will make a video about that too as it needs to be explained throughly if you are starting your channel in 2020. then wish you all the best you will see a lot of ups and downs but you will learn a lot. I hope Guys You will Like Our Article about Youtube Channel Setup. Thanks For Reading our Article.

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