The unheard story of a girl Part 5

The unheard story of a girl Part 5

In the morning, the son went into the closet and saw that his woman was cold, flies were biting his face, stoned eyes were hanging above, the whole country was hating from afar. The child had died in his stomach.

The unheard story of a girl Part 5

Vinod Shove came to the gheesharam. Then both of them started crying loudly and beating the chest, the neighbors came rushing and rushed to explain these parts according to the old dignity but weeping more There was no opportunity for beating, shroud and worrying about wood, money was hit in the house like meat in a sling of eagle.
The father’s sons went to the village zamindar crying and used to hate the appearance of both of them, many times they had beaten them with their hands. What is Bay asked not to come to work on a promise to steal? Why does Geetharam cry? You do not even appear anywhere, it seems that you do not want to live in this village, that the government is in great misfortune by keeping a head on the ground, with tears in its eyes. The housewife of vinod passed away on the night, the government was agonizing all night, both of us were sitting at the head of the medicine medicine, whatever we could do, everything was done. Now there is no one to give bread, the owner is devastated, the house is ruined, I am your slave. Now who will cross his soil except you, whatever was in our hands, all the medicine got up in the liquor, it would be the mercy of the government, then its soil would rise, except that you should go to the door of the landlord. But the one who had pity on the black blanket had said that I have come and said that I am far away. Even today, there is no thunder when calling from here. Haramkhor kahin ka
But this was not an occasion for anger or punishment. Even after blowing away ₹ 2, he was okay.

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