The unheard story of a girl Part 7

The unheard story of a girl Part 7

Vinod said looking at the sky as if to make the Gods witness to his sinlessness, why not the people of the world give money to vehicles, who sees whether or not we get money in the world, the big men have money and what we have to stop is? But what will give people the answer? If people ask, where is the darshan, the rest laugh right now, they will say that the rupee has slipped from the waist. Many people may not be able to find trust but still they will give money.

The unheard story of a girl Part 7

Vinod also laughed saying on this unexpected good fortune that the poor lady was half fed after feeding a lot, then she was overpowered. The entire one and a half rupees have been spent, only a little money is left, both of them were sitting in this year sitting in a pudding like a lion in the forest is hunting its prey. Received the answer concerned the same notoriety of Dehi had won the last of his feelings, he long ago. Geetharam said philosophically, if our soul is happy, will it not happen again?
The beauty of the tavern also used to grow, some used to sing, some one stung, one was wrapped around the neck of one’s partner, some used to put a cooler in the mouth of his friend, there was a lot of addiction in the atmosphere, so many people came here and used to chill in a chullu. The air here was more intoxicating than alcohol, after life it would drag on and for some time I would forget whether they live or die or not live or die.
And these two father sons were just enjoying themselves, all eyes were on their weight, both of them are lucky, the whole bottle is in the middle and after eating it, Vinod picked up the remaining Purnia’s address and gave it to a beggar. The one who stood and looked with his hungry eyes and experienced the joy of giving and the joy and gaiety for the first time in his life, this Ram said, “Leja eat a lot and be a blessing. I have earned money, but your blessings will surely reach him, weep and cry; Vinod then looked up at the sky and said that she will also go to Baikunth. Dada will become the queen of Baikunta. If the longing is fulfilled, it will go to Baikunth, then will it go to the fat people who rob the poor with both hands and wash their sins. Taking a bath in the Ganges and offering water to temples. This color of the devotees immediately changed, instability is the specialty of intoxication. Madhav said of sadness and despair, but Dada poori would be very sad in life, how much sorrow did he die, he started crying with his hands on his eyes. Gone was the big fortune that had broken the bond of Moh Maya so soon, and the two stood up and started singing. Thagini Why Naina Jamka, they did not cheat, the eyes of hundreds were looking towards them. And both of them used to go overjoyed in their hearts, then both of them started dancing, they also jumped and also played with a lot of emotion and finally got drunk and fell there.

In this story we can see how a father and son keep away from the fascination of the world. How does he live his life, how does that girl give up her life. And on the go she satisfies them both. From this story we get the lesson that being lazy is not so much that one can become someone’s life but still Both father and son have also explained very well that how do landlords behave?

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