In the far distance was a small village situated in the middle of the MP forest, whose name was Komal, the nearest bus stand was 10 miles from the village. I used to live less than 300 people. This village was not an ideal village by any point of view and it was not so bad that it was heartbreaking to see any village improvement. There was a small pond in the middle of the village. Drinking water from this pond served as bathing and bathing animals. It was a village with two forms of malaria typhoid and many other diseases. The huts were taken irregularly from here and there. The streets used to roam around Teddy Medi ji and around and meet each other, the people of the village used to use the highway as a dumping place every day. In the back courtyard of each house, drain water was rotting in the form of green mud. It was like this, a village named Suman, the people of the village were probably unaware of things like cleaning. But it is also possible to have talks all around.
Their attention is not directed towards them. The reason for this was that he used to be in a kind of constant hypnosis state, the reason for this hypnosis situation. A magician who performs this spell is also named story-telling age. Someone who was 60 or 70 years old said that I am 80 years old or 180 years old, time in different isolated places was never measured the way we measure.

If a man also asks about his age by name, he would point to an unprovoked attack in ancient times or a bridge built at that time and tell how high he used to be from the ground at that time. Naam was also an illiterate, but he used to prepare stories from his mind at the same rate every month. He used to keep the name for 10 days to narrate every story. Naam Bhi’s house was a small temple built at the end of the village. No one knows how he began to think of himself as the master of this temple. The temple was a very small one. It had red stripes on its walls and its sacred chamber had a stone idol of Goddess Maa Shakti installed. The name of the front part of the temple was also considered his home. In fact any place could have been his home because he had no thing of his own. All he had in common was a broom with which he cleaned the temple. He also had one or two 12231 top garments. Naam also spent most of the day in the shadow of a fast tree, whose branches were studied in front of the temple. When he felt hungry, you would walk into any house and sit and eat with that family, when he needed new clothes, he would bring them for him from the village, he rarely had to go out in search of a partner. For the people, the shadow of Vatavriksha itself worked as an auditorium for the whole day, people used to come there to sit under the tree to enjoy the association of Naam too. He used to listen to their words and narrate their stories to himself, when his mind was not right, he would look at those who came there and bitterly.
The book, what do you think of me, do not blame me, see to it that Purnima should not tell you any story till I meditate. How can Devi tell me the story. Do you understand that the story used to fly in the air, then he got up and went to the edge of the forest and sat there looking at the doe and Friday. In the evening, the people of the village used to gather in the temple for worship. The name would also light a leper lamp made of clay and punish them around the womb of Delhi. Decorated the idol with flowers. Used to be very fierce in the back part of the full temple. He used to play the role of priest. The flowers and fruits brought by the villagers used to beat the goddess on such a night when she has a story to tell, he would light a small lamp and place it in an Ali made in the trunk of the Vat tree. The people of the village ever since. On returning home tomorrow, upon seeing it, I reach home and say to my wives, now finish eating fast. The storyteller is calling us when the moon slowly rises upwards towards the back of the small hill, then men, women and children begin to stand under the tree tree. The storyteller would not have appeared there yet. He closed his eyes in front of the goddess in the house of Gharbha and was sitting in deep trance, I sat in this position for as long as I wanted, then I would come out with ash and vermilion on my forehead in front of the temple. Takes its place on a raised platform and starts its story.
He starts the story with a question, turning to a place obscured far away with his finger and asking what happened there in your view just a little away from that place 1000 years ago, any Ranchi covered with weeds Did not happen. Like it is now where donkeys roam, it was not a pit to move through the night as it is now it was the capital of the king. That king could be anyone. Dasharatha Vikramaditya Ashoka Well any Anuj would come to the mind of that old man, the capital. Could have been the name of Kapil, Tripur or whatever, after starting in this way the bad guy would keep speaking for 3 hours without stopping. The king’s palace was raised by 118, the old man dazzled. I would describe this Durbar Hall, where 110 Raja Mantri people were sitting and going to another part of the palace, all the musicians of the world were gathered and while going, most of the song names were also sung again to their listeners and It should be elaborately his pictures and busy. The story, which describes the Baharas hanging on the walls of the first, was like an epic with great detail. The atmosphere of the story was rarely explained on the first day. So far, the listeners of Naam Bhi would have knowledge about which characters would come in the story, when the moon moved to the back side of the Mam P1 trees, the name would also say. Friends, Mother Goddess says that this is enough for today, then I suddenly stand up and go inside. He would disappear and the noise of the crowd would end.
Before two or three days after falling asleep, the lamp again appears again during the Shukla Paksha of the month. It used to happen again and again, the king and the war evil spirits. The women like the book Apsara, the deity of human form, the people, the saint and the preparation. Seeing in the world whose composition was under that Vatavriksha, the name of the name also rises in the sweet labor rhythm and when is the daughter and the moonlight and night, the time gives magical effect even more, the villagers laugh with Nandi and cry with her Expressing anguish at the initial success of the conspirator cursing the villain who first praised his heroes, and thanked the gods heartily for the cautious end, the day the story was completed, everyone went to the temple sanctum and the goddess Performing prostration in front when the next Shukla Paksha begins.
The nambi used to get ready with the story. I did not give two opinions of the same story, did not include the same type of characters, the people of the village also considered the name to be a kind of father. His intelligence used to sponsor the words Pune.
He kept this lamp on a full moon day for many years. The audience arrived. The old story took its place and started telling the story. After saying so much that the minister of King Vikramaditya used to stay, he stopped, man, I could not move it forward. He started saying again. There used to be a king who said what he said, repeated once more and then observing all his obscure learning ended up in a grumbling hat. What has happened to me, O mother, why have I been such a clouded mother in Goddess Mother. I do not know where I was, I remember it completely. What was it about I do not understand what happened
He uttered the rights and became unhappy. The listeners said, you take rest. Maybe you are tired, he is angry, said, shut up, am I tired, wait a moment, I will tell you the story right now. After this there was complete silence. An eager face filled his face. Don’t look at me, he said in anger, someone brought him a glass of milk. The audience kept waiting quietly. It was a new experience. Some people sympathized with him in appropriate words, some people started talking among themselves. Those people who were sitting at the outer edge of the crowd slipped away from there, when it was almost midnight, others started doing the same.
The name also remained sitting staring at the ground. He was bent down thinking just that. For the first time he realized that he had become old. He felt that now he would never be able to control his thoughts and express them properly. He raised his eyes and looked up, except for his friend Mari Lohar, all the others had gone. Mari, why didn’t you also go? Mari asked for a favor from all the people and said that those people did not want to disturb you, so they have left. The name also stood up and said, you are right, I will prepare it tomorrow. Budhapa Budhapa has arrived. How old is my age, I suddenly felt old age. He pointed his head and started saying. This old fool says this, don’t think so. I will be your slave more now. You will be my slave after you. This book has become dishonest and next. The day he lit a lamp in the grove, the crowd gathered faithfully under the tree tree. Naam too spent the whole day in contemplation if devoutly praying to the Goddess not to leave him, he started telling the story. He kept speaking for 1 hour without stopping. This made him feel very relieved. He was feeling so many nights that I could stop telling my story in between. Friends, Mother Goddess is always kind. I had a silly argument and he started telling his story again. But after some time he started speaking again. He tried hard to remember what happened again and again and again, he said while coming yesterday, he stopped for 1 hour after that, the listeners!
Without saying anything, he got up and went to his home. The old man sat on a stone platform until he heard the rooster’s voice. I cannot blame them for this. He said to himself in a slow voice, did he sit here all night and be upset unnecessarily. 2. 2 days later she heard another B installment of the story and she too could only walk for a few minutes. The crowd kept diminishing. Now, very few people used to pay attention to the lamp lying in the coming place and who used to come, considering it only as a duty. Naam too realized that there was no benefit of continuing the struggle any longer. He ended the story quickly and incompletely. He knew what was happening. I was terrified at the thought of my failure. Thought in my mind, I feel very much cured that it would have been years before my death. Mother why have you made me dumb, she has locked herself in the womb. I hardly ate anything and spent most of the day sitting motionless in meditation, and the next moon started peeping from the top of the hill. Even the name did not light the lamp. The people of the village, returning to the house, saw the lamp but only a few people came there at night. Where are the other people, the old man asked, we wait, he started waiting. The moon rose up and slept with its handful of people, and the old man said, “I will not tell the story today and not tomorrow till the whole village comes here, I say this with Agra.” This is a powerful story that everyone must listen to. The next day he visited the whole village.
Applied and speaking aloud tonight I have a wonderful story to tell. Not all people bow down there, so the effect of the request and at night a huge crowd gathered under the tree tree. He was pleased that the storyteller regained his powers. When everyone had sat down, the name also came out of the temple and said Goddess Mahi gives a boon. He is also the one who withdraws.
The name is also an old man. He speaks only when the goddess has to say something. I get dumb when the mother has nothing to say but what is the benefit of jasmine flower when there is no fragrance in it. What to do with a lamp when there is no oil in it. Thank you Goddess Mother, this is my last word on this earth and this is my biggest story. Saying this, he got up and went to the womb. His listeners could hardly understand what, he said, remained unfaithful until they went to the meeting and then some of them got up and went to the sanctum sanctorum. The storyteller was sitting there with his eyes closed. Won’t you tell us the story? He asked, he opened his eyes, looked at them and shook his head and said. He gestured that I had spoken the last word. When he feels hungry, I will someone.
He goes to the hut and sits quietly for food and goes back immediately after eating, hardly seeking anything other than his expenditure. He lived the rest of his life for a few more years. Spent a deep mohn!

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