old man at the breez

Old man at the bridge – Short Story

An old man wearing very dirty and dusty clothes and glasses with iron frame was sitting on the roadside. There was a bridge built by a boat on the river and men, women and children were crossing it. The carts used by the garbage were intermittently on a straight climb to the side of the bridge and the soldiers were dragging the saris of the wheels and assisting the carriage. Trucks were blowing dust ahead of them all. Farmers were walking slowly in deep sand till 9:00 but an old man was sitting there without moving. I was so tired that I couldn’t go on. Crossing the bridge Security at the end of the bridge and.

old man at the breez

Go to and find out My task was to find out in which places the enemy was advancing. Was attacking I did this and returned to the bridge. There were no more vehicles and the people coming on foot were also very few. But the old man was still sitting there. Where are you from me She asked Sand, she said to Carlo and smiled. This was his original city of residence, so he was happy to mention the name of the city and smiled. I was there taking care of animals. He told me that without understanding anything, I said, yes, he said, I was afraid to take care of animals. Send me, I went to the very end. He is not like Ghadria Yad.
And I saw his dark dusty clothes and saw the ginger beard of his dusty gray face and glasses of iron frame and asked him which animals were different types of animals he said and shook his head. I had to leave them. I was looking at the bridge. Was monitoring and looking at the African territory of the delta on the Agro River and was wondering how soon we would be able to see the enemy and the whole time he started listening to the first thief who ever said contact with the incident ji in secret at that time . And that old man was still sitting there. Which animals were there. I asked, there were two goats, one cat. Then the charge flew to the pigeon and you read them leaving you. I asked by hand.
The captain asked me to leave because of the artillery due to the Nakki artillery and your family is not there, looking towards the far end of the bridge where some of the last vehicles were speeding down the shore. I did not ask. He said only those animals that I mentioned. The cat would be really fine. The cat can find a song for itself, but I don’t think what will happen to others, which political party or ideology you are. I asked, I do not follow any ideology or political party. He said, I am 76 years old. Now I have come 12 kilometers and I sleep that now I cannot walk any further. Not a good place to stay here. I said, if you can walk further, on the road from where the road divides for Totosa, I will wait a while. He said more!
Where will the truck go I go towards Barcelona. I told him, I don’t know anyone in that direction. He said, but thank you very much, thank you very much again.
He looked at me with tired and blank stares and then said, sharing his concern with any other person. The cat will be fine. I believe there is no need to worry about the cat. But what do you think about other animals now, why all of them will take prison properly from this trouble. You think so, why not looking at the remote edge of Phul where there was no car. I said but what would they do if the artillery was there, when I was asked to leave because of food. Did you leave the pigeon cage open. I asked, yes, then they will get up. Yes of course it will fly but It is better not to think about other animals. He said, if you have taken rest then I will go.
While traveling, stand up and try to walk now. Thank you. He said, he stood up and kissed me here and there and then sat in the back. I was only taking care of animals. He said slowly to them, but I did not grow up on my own, I was only taking care of animals. There was nothing to do in the subject. It was Sunday at the level and the Fastest people were heading towards the Agro River. Dark black clouds were enveloping the bottom so their airplanes were not flying. This is the environment and the cats of this truth know how to take care of themselves. It was a privilege that the fast will always be remembered.
This is the story of an old man who was taken out of the original place. He had to forcefully leave the city. He was the last person to leave the city. The army captain asked him to leave the city due to the firing. He told the storyteller, I am staying there. Caring for his animals, His heart was not believing to go away because he had animals. There he was connected to the heart and is a half-hearted story. Its background is the Kalka Spanish Civil War of 9669. This war took place among the Republican people who were loyal to the Spanish elected government of Spain and the fiercest rightist among the hanging prisoners of Spain. And those who wanted to overthrow the government that fought between them, not even mind, participated in the war on behalf of the Republican people. The fascist movement that the Pasi plaintiffs won in the war originally started in Italy. It was nationalist and anti-communist. Its belief in violence was that three of the gallows were formed in 1933.
Now read it and tell me how you liked my story. If you like my story, then do like it and comment.

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