a cup of tea

A Cup Of Tea

Rosemary did not fail, she could not be called beautiful. If she had different parts in her body, she could be said to be something beautiful. But why would such a cruelty be shown to be broken into someone’s body. She was bona fide. She was ultra-modern and used to wear clothes made in a very artistic way and she had read Ko if not new. In his feast, there was a mixture of people and artists in the important. Such unique artists who are difficult to describe used to attend his parties but there were many artists who were entertaining and attractive. He had been married for 2 years. She had a loving son and her husband loved her very much. Really rich than rich people right now.

People do not just eat and drink like someone’s grandfather in the olden days. If Rosemary had to go shopping, she would go to Paris like we and you go to Bond Street in London. If she were to buy flowers, her face would be parked at the famous flower shop in Result Street and inside the shop Rosemary stared at her with a dazzling look and said, “Give me this flower, give me that phone, then give her four children” And give me a full jar of roses, I don’t want lily flowers. I hate them because there is no definite form of a lily flower. The shopkeeper’s assistant, upon hearing this, removed the flowers from there so that the flowers were actually distorted. Then she would say give me this round opened to lip to lip flower, they juice red and se.
Eid is to wrap all these flowers in white paper and keep them in their arms as if there is a child, the girl who works at the shop takes trembling to her car. 1 day in the winter is later in the afternoon. The seller of an old historic item was bought at a shop on Curzon Road. He liked this shop very much. The person who ran the shop was very happy with Rosemary. When she comes to Mary every day, her eyes start shining. Yes, he stands with folded hands and cannot speak anything. I begin to say in my habit-filled voice that Madam, you know that I love my things very much and I do not want to send my things to anyone who does not appreciate these things. There are very few people with the same feeling as you. While taking a deep breath while doing this, he took out a small square box covered with blue velvet and lifted it with his yellow fingers and placed it on the cut counter. The thing he took out today was a small box. He kept it for Rosemary only. No one else had shown it. This was a beautiful little box with a sparkle on the enamel that as it was woven with cream, a small creature on the lid was standing under a flowering tree and an iron put its arm around her neck. Were kept His take was equal to flowers and petals and had ribbons. There was a pink cloud in the sky above like an angel angel flying over them. The Rosemary leader took out his hands from the places and took out his hands from the places and began to observe him. He found this item very cute for that box. He was experiencing a lot of pleasure, reversing with his beautiful hands. The shopkeeper had a similar thought in his mind and he gently took a pencil and said how to tell Madam that the woman in this picture has flowers on her body. Rosemary praised the flowers and said that I am very beautiful. How much is it worth? The shopkeeper showed that as if he had not heard, then slowly said Madam 28 Guinea Guinea Rosemary showed no emotion. Put the box on and put on his gloves and close the buttons. He said, 28 or not, even if someone is rich, he had ambiguity on his face. He said again to the shopkeeper, keep it for me, I will not keep it for this but the shopkeeper was already bowing his head in acceptance. Rosemary, if you ask her to keep it forever.
The door closed with a voice and Rosemary stood on the stairway outside. It was raining and darkness was coming with rain. Darkness was falling as if ash was falling from above. There was some sharpness in the air. The lamps that had just lit up looked sadly. Rosemary was leaving early, hiding in college hands. Felt a strange pain. He held his chest in his hands,. It came to her mind that if she had a box, I would attach it to my chest. His car was parked in front. Just to cross it, but I waited for some time. There are moments in life when all those things seem frightening. Every day it seemed to me that at such a time we should go home and go there and drink a good special tea. Rosemary was thinking of her elbow.
Somebody was saying, Madam, can I ask you something? This voice was that of a young girl. She was thin. Every day Mary did not know when and where she came from. Rosemary turned to look at the girl. This very young woman had big eyes. He held the collar in his hands. She was shivering like it had just come out of the water. He said with a wry voice, Madam, would you give me money for a cup of tea, his voice was simple. She was not the voice of any beggar. Rosemary asks him if you have no money at all. He replied that not at all how strange. Rose Mary said and looked out of the darkness and looked at the girl. The girl once again posed for Rosemary Kurta suddenly.
Come on, I think how exciting it will be if he takes this girl to his house. Thus there is an incident of meeting this girl in the darkness of twilight. Rosemary did not think that, suppose I have done such a thing about which she is always progressing or looking at the theater, then what would happen if she started thinking about it. She felt as if her friends were asking about this girl in surprise and she was saying that I should bring her straight home. Rosemary stepped forward and said to her girl, come home with me to drink tea. The girl panicked and backed away for a moment, even her own was closed. Rosemary extended her hand and held her arm, smiling and asking why she was not walking with him. Then he said to the girl, sit in my car with me and drink tea and let him fight.
In such a painful voice, asked if Rosemary really wants to take her home. Rosemary insisted that I really want to take you. For my pleasure, come with me. Girl put fingers on her lips everyday. Ricky in every day and from top to bottom in the voice of the blond and boy have you asked me if the police Taking you to the station On hearing the name of the police station, Udhari got a laugh. She said do I not look so cruel. I am taking you with me that the people of the house fans easily accept your words easily and that’s why the girl daily agreed to Mary. The servant opened the car door and his car moved forward, ripping the darkness away. Rosemary was happy that she felt as if I had won that she felt as if she were. You are trying to say that look, I caught you, but actually she was going to pity her and drink tea at her house.
She wanted to tell this girl that amazing things happen in life too and fairies are women and men have bones and are members or after all. Every day I got impulsive thinking this and turned to the girl and said, don’t be afraid, we are both women. If I am more lucky then you should do something similar to me when she was thinking such things. Do it that you have come home. The bell rang and the door opened. Rosemary Nechura defensively and lovingly pulled the girl inside the shell. The girl felt the warmth of the house, the sweet light, the fragrant atmosphere. Rosemary was so familiar with the Inn that she ever thought about them. Not now, the girl was finding it very enjoyable. She was thinking that she was like that rich little girl looking at a lot of shelves and boxes in her nursery and considering what was hidden in them, Rosemary showed her generosity towards her and said Come to my room She wanted the housekeeper not to forget the girl, so she did not call her maid Jean. She thought that she would not undress the girl herself. It was natural it would look good. As soon as the room came close, she happily said, yes, here her Sen went to the classroom with curtains and fire was burning. Golden beautiful furniture, mattresses and primrose flowers and blue carpet all fire.
The girl was standing right inside the door. She was surprised. Seeing this, Rosemary ignored that pulling her big chair to you and said to the girl, “Come sit here and take a heat. It looks like you have a cold.” The girl stepped back and said that Madam, I am not daring. Every day my phone came forward and said that you should not be afraid at all. Sit down and when I change my clothes, we will go to the other room to drink tea comfortably and gently put that thin girl in that deep resting chair as if she had made her sit in the crib. The girl remained seated as she had made her sit. She did not say anything, her hands were placed near her and her mouth was slightly open. Truth be told, I looked absolutely stupid. However, Rosemary would not believe it everyday.
I leaned over that girl and said in her that you are not your right patient. Your beautiful hair is completely disguised, you will get comfortable in the chair by taking off your head. You will not find that the girl asked anything as you are saying, very good and the girl then has her broken. Dagged and Rosemary asked if I could help you get off the court. The girl stood up and was holding the chair with one hand, so every day Mary had difficulty in pulling the court, the girl did not help in getting the court at all. The writer says that the idea came to Rosemary’s mind that if people want to be helped, they too should take some initiative. Otherwise it becomes difficult to help others. Care coat was removed. Every day I was unable to think. What code should we do, so he let him lie on the floor, head there too.
Rosemary was now thinking of picking up cigarettes, but the girl said very strangely slowly that I am going to faint if I don’t get anything immediately to beat me, Madam. Rosemary immediately rang the bell and said God. Sometimes I don’t even think at all. The maid had come and Rosemary was saying go get a cup of tea and even a little brandy but the girl screaming, bid not, I don’t want brandy. I am just a cup of tea. I never drink brandy. She cried while saying this. It was a thrilling and terrifying Santha Rosemary calmed her down by saying that she gave her a nice handkerchief to wipe and tear. In fact, I was very moved everyday, so she put her arm on the thin shoulders of that girl. Now the girl came so close to him that she forgot to shy away and said that now I am like this.
Can’t tell, I can’t bear it now. I will commit suicide. Rosemary said, I will take care of you. You don’t cry, see how lucky I am that you have found me. We will drink tea and you tell me everything about yourself, I promise that I will do something for you. Now you stop crying, crying brings tiredness. Neither tea had arrived. I was hooked and Rosemary was picking up and giving things to the girl to eat. The sandwich is called double bread butter cream sugar. Things are very beautiful. Everyday Mary fed everything. He himself did not eat anything. She smoked cigarettes and kept looking smartly on the other side so that the girl did not feel ashamed to eat bananas. That girl did not look. Although I was thin, thin and weak. His hair was tangled but his lips were dark and eyes deep.
She was shiny, now she was lying on her back all over her chair. She was looking at the fire in melodious sloth. Rosemary lit another cigarette Now it was time to start talking. So Rosemary did not ask gently how long ago did you eat the food.
At the same time Guna and Rosemary’s husband, Philippe, rang the door and asked if I could come inside. Rosemary replied in the morning. Yes, come on, Philippe came in, but when he saw someone else there, he did more and said, sorry Rosemary smiling and said that no problem, this is my friend. The girl said that my name is Miss. Now the girl looked absolutely calm and fearless. Rosemary Name said in this that we will talk for a while. Philip answered. Well at the same time Philippe’s eyes are on the floor. Kaur went to court,. I went up to you and looking at the girl said to Rosemary how terrible this evening is. Rosemary said, yes it is very bad. So he smiled his evergreen smile and said to Rosemary that I want to tell you something. Can you come to the library room for 1 minute? Mrs. Sushmita will give permission to Mrs. Amit’s big eyes towards her but Rosemary responds on her behalf saying yes and Rosemary and both of them went out of crisis together. The two were alone in the library, so Philip asked Rosemary, “Who is this girl and what is the matter?” Every day my laughter bowed towards the door and spoke. I found this girl at Curzon Road, asked me for money before a tea and I brought it home with me. Philip asked what would you do with it? Every day my quote I will treat it very well. I will take full care of it. I do not even know how to do it, we have not spoken yet. Philip said you have gone mad, can’t you do it? Rosemary Bailey I knew you would say the same thing, why can’t I do it. Don’t read in books how people help. I have decided Philip also woke up the night of his hunt and said softly that the girl went to Rosemary Chowk after hearing very beautiful and attractive words. Its face turned red. I said if you found it attractive, I had not thought about it, so lit the match of my match and spoke. God, he is absolutely siren to you once. See, when I came to your room, I was shocked to see this, but you are making a dangerous mistake, if you feel bad about me, then sorry, please tell me one thing, can you eat with us today in the message. I see the gazette by then Every day I said, You are a very evil man, saying that she left the room. It is no longer where Mrs. Smith was sitting. She went to her study room and sat near the match and started thinking on Philip’s words. I was absolutely amazed at the charming Mohini Rosemary’s heart was beating loudly. He took out the check book, but thinking again, put the check book back. Now she opened the drawer of the table and took out 5 pound K5 notes and put two notes back and pressing three more in her hand reached Mrs. Smith. After half an hour Rosemary comes to Philip and says that I have come to tell you that Mrs. Smith. You will not have dinner with us today. Philippe put the newspaper down and said what happened, don’t mess up, there was already another program. Rosemary came forward. She sat on her knee and looking at him with her bright eyes, softly spoke how she stopped him against her desire to go. The eyes were slightly blackened and wore their pearls. She took Philip’s hands.
The cheeks were touched.And the cat asked us if you like me, he did not send the way of saying. Experiencing that I love you very much. He held Rosemary tightly and asked her to kiss, then Rosemary kissed and said, Today I saw a very beautiful attractive box, which cost 28 to fall. Can i buy it Feeling Chopra He knew that his wife was very expensive. Still she said, take it well but it was not what Rosemary was trying to say, she wanted to know if her husband considered her as attractive as the message was not there, Sumit’s staff in her mind. Was. So he asked how should he keep the flip and asked if Am i attractive

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