How should one read a book

First of all I would like to clarify the question mark at the end of the title of my essay. Even if I could answer this question myself, that answer would only be in my context, I am the only one who can give another person in the context of not reading in reference to you. It is just that in the advice of someone, let them go their own way and accept their arguments and draw their own conclusions. If we agree on this, then I would feel free to give some ideas and suggestions because then your freedom would have been the greatest quality of the Zohar reader. is. We will not leave him, what rules can be made about the books, the battle of the water lu sure.
It was fought but what is good drama from mullet, you have to decide the answer to this question yourself. No matter how important officials and scholars are, by bringing them to the library, we can tell them how to read, what to read and how important we are not to be concerned with what we are studying, it would be like destroying the freedom of the soul of that holy place library. Everywhere else we can be bound in rules and regulations, but there is no bond there. But if the reader wants to enjoy freedom then forgive me for this general statement.
If it is present in the library, then we have to train or control our powers. We do not have to destroy our power like this and due to knowledge and helplessness, we cannot do convexion by doing everything for a little work. To learn a rose plant, you should not have to move everything around the house. To read a book, many books should not be moved around. We have to train our powers very well here. This dilemma occurs first in the library. Thus, to hear a book that we really need, we have to turn the pages of many books. Thus, this is the first difficulty in the library that we have to face. Up to print the book that suits you the most.
Powers have to be trained. This work can be done only in books. He can learn what book he should read. This task is not easy. The vast collection of books will only take him a fruitless time. Poetry books and novels books of history, memoir dictionaries, authorized reports, books written in different types and in different languages ​​have been written by writers of different castes having all kinds of moods, to find space in the shelves, it seems like a robbery. Are and will asses outside the library. The sound of no is heard near the water pump in such a way that you hear small gossip running. Where do we start? How can we work properly in this huge mess? Different types of push from different authors.
That how can we bring this system and how can we get pleasure in the best benefits of what we study. It is quite easy to say that because of the different types of books, novels, life, characters, poetry etc. are sitting in different types. We should keep them separate in the same way and get each of them in the same way that it gives us but very few people are able to get books services in which most of the patriotic people start reading the books obscure / thinking. Novels want literature to be based on truth. The poem is considered full of untrue promises. Jeevan wants the character to be a happy soul. History wants it to be our absolute perceptions.
According to this, if we discard all these preconceptions while reading books, then this will be a very good start for ourselves. Do not order the author. Do not ask for anything from him. Has become his partner. Consider yourself the writer of his city. If you win in the beginning. Will hesitate or keep aloof and criticize, then you are depriving yourself of making the most of what you are studying. But if you keep your feelings open to the maximum from your mind, then from the very first presentation, signs of very subtle aesthetics will be started. In this way, put yourself in the book by Talli Regulator and fall again, you will see that the author whose book you are reading, you have more than your hope.
Enjoying or trying to give.
This essay is a part of the author’s larger essay. The title of the essay is Housefull One Read a Book In this essay the author has given some advice about good reading. Books are divided into a few categories. We should know what it tells us, some people want to know such things from books, then dogs cannot give us. If we want to understand a book and its author, then we have to reconcile the understanding in our thoughts with the thoughts of the author. If we start criticizing a book from the beginning, then we will not be able to get all that the author wants to give us. The reader will have to reconcile his thoughts and the views of the author. Only then will the writer be able to give us some important and clear information. Virginia Wolf writes both tickets. The complete benefit of reading a book only if the reader does as I set to complete
Virginia Wolf was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. He made great in English literature with his novels and other works. His main works are written about the M. Forrest Rule. Sheila 12 Writing and Tire Vision, taken by Vekkan Jamia, has written about him. One Kannout Help Believing x Princess in Virginia Woolf is a prose writer. In his prose, a beautiful and attractive form of poetry is visible. Drawing That Word Picture in Your Essays
Virginia Wolf was the daughter of the famous critic and scholar Sir Leslie Station of the Victorian period. She became a member of the Blues Bury Group. He married 1 member Leonard Mulk

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