Senior citizens in lockdown

Senior citizens in lockdown (During Covid-19 Story)

Senior citizens in lockdown
Senior citizens in lockdown

Never before had this city been so deserted and so silent or not, whose eyes have seen the city of my dreams, that is the only one I see and live. Now this too has become silent, then to whom should I tell my mind, who is the one who will share the loneliness of my life with me, Bhagwanti is very sad to see the silence of her city. Human beings are seen in the empty vacant area of ​​the farmer from all four sides. No, the movement of humans is Kadami Kasur, but remembers these moments when 50 years ago I made it here with my husband. Bhagwanti grew up in a small village. She never thought that she would get married in 1 big city and would live peacefully and peacefully with her husband, just from the time she became very attached to this city, slowly spent time. And the husband built a beautiful house for them from which Bhagwanti had built the house in real terms, each corner of the house was decorated with love. Of course limestone was made, but the truth is that strong love between God and her husband.
Standing on the foundation, there was a beacon of happiness in the courtyard of her house, which further increased the laughter of her two children with laughter and bluster, while Ovita Gaya son and daughter were both married and the business of the daughter was also in this city. He too started living in the same house, God and her husband, while busy with their family’s work late at night, could tell the hand of daughter and daughter-in-law in the kitchen to do outdoor work like bringing vegetables and ration etc. Help tackle everything was running smoothly and relaxed but two years ago went to death hard attack husband Bgwanti. This unhappiness was not less than the ordeal of her life, after the death of her husband, the behavior of the family also started changing towards the Lord, so no one now comes to him and does not sit on any matter of his attention and gives the district to everyone. It is that he is also craving for food, from which the house used to cook food for the hungry. Today she is craving food in her house. Despite the whole family, she is completely alone today. Looks like the empty roads that grow. But whose floor is not known.
But life still has to be lived. With this thought, Bhagwanti started coming to the temple in the morning, filled his stomach with whatever he gets as a Prasadi in his temple courtyard, when his son, daughter-in-law and son-in-law did not show any kindness to him. It is said that the house where you are staying is of Bhagwanti, when you people are down in the country, in such a situation, the Bhagwanti with an empty cradle of cloth in hand, with the girl of her age shouted on the empty streets. Sector is going. Only in search of the one who used to get him from the temple, whom should he tell his pain that despite being the mistress of such a big house, he is longing for others. She was thinking like that when the police stopped her and asked where she was going. He told that the policemen are going to the temple to get food, that the temple is closed, no food will be found. Bhagwati told the police that she had not eaten anything for 2 days, on hearing this the policeman took out of her tiffin. Had food and then listened to him, in such a delicate time, one can behave badly in someone’s dreams. After some time, the police got into his car and left his house to see Bhagwanti with the police, but before he was told, the female policeman instructed him that his food would be seen daily by the police. The police also sa toid that at such times I am not ashamed to be present to my old mother, who cannot fill her mother’s stomach and went on to say what she would think for the society and the country. There is no worry about it, now go to the police by giving food daily. But he is still suffering the same concern. His old eyes made the silence of his city.
His old eyes listen to the silence of his city Pan is very sad to see. There is only one thing in her prayer that this city of mine should return with its beauty because after the death of her husband, this is the only city which she is expected to live by seeing her move.
At present, the entire country is facing a terrible epidemic. In this we should help our turret, take care of them and not leave them alone. Whatsapp will be with someone, we will only stay, our family will be safe.
We have a happy life in someone. And more and more we should take care of them from time to time and give them medicines and suitable food items.
They should be cared for more than normal people.
And we should never consider them to be votes, but should understand that if we are in this world today, we are here today because of them. We have a right to the property because of them. If they did not have property with them, then today we too would be on the road, so take care of them, this is the hope, keep taking our blessings from you. With his blessings you can move forward a lot, but work with them wisely.
I hope you like my story thank you so much please
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