A woman living or dead Part 1

A woman (living or dead) Part 1

The widow living in Rani Hot’s landlord Sardar Shankar’s house had no relative of her father’s family. There was no one in the husband’s family who died one word after another.

A woman living or dead Part 1

The son of his husband’s brother Sharda Shankar, whom he was very fond of, was his mother for a long time after his birth, due to which the widow Kadambini raised him. If a woman takes care of another child, then her time becomes more towards him. Because he does not have any right over it. The right to love is his right only. Mamta cannot prove her authority by any document which is acceptable to the society and does not even want to prove it, she only worships the uncertain treasures of her life with double feelings on it.
Kadambini died suddenly on one night of Shravan, the widow’s love fell on that child. For some reason, his heart stopped beating; everywhere in the world, the work continued as before, only in this soft little chest, which was afflicted with love, the time clock stopped forever.
Fearing that the police should not harass them, the four Brahmin servants of the zamindar took the widow’s body to burn without any custom. The crematorium at Ranihat was not far from the village, it was a hut near the pond and there was nothing but a huge banyan tree beside it. The river that was sitting there earlier had dried up completely and even a part of the water flow was dug up and made into a pond. In order to carry out the funeral work, the Lokpal considered you as a part of that river and worshiped him in the same way, taking the body to the hut, all the four men sat there waiting for the wood and the time seemed so long. The two men became restless and went to see why the wood had not yet come to the sweet and as Guru Charan left, Vidhu and Banwali stopped to monitor the body.
Debate Ravana had a dark night, there was a thick cloud in the starry sky. In the dark room, both were sitting quietly, their matches and lamps were useless. The matchbox was wet and was not burning despite all efforts and the lantern was extinguished. After a long silence one said brother would be good. If we had a tobacco first, we have not brought anything in haste. The other one answered, I go running and can bring everything we need there. Why does Vanmali want to know? Realizing this, Vidhu said, “I am daring to say that I will have to sit alone by myself. The conversation stopped again. It seemed like 5 minutes and 1 hour. The mind started cursing the two who had gone to pick wood and they There was suspicion that both of them would sit in a good place and chat
There was no sound other than the continuous sound of the pond cement Ko and Jin Guru. Suddenly they felt as if the human body left the bed turned sideways Vidhu and 1 owner, you got up and started speaking Ram-Ram heard the sound of a deep breath in the action. In action, the two men who jumped out of the fairy and ran towards the village After running about 3 miles he found his companions who were coming back with a lantern. The reality was that he had gone to do Dharmapala Dharmapala. And they knew nothing about wood. But he declares that a tree has been cut down and when it is cut into pieces, he will immediately bring you to you, even after two more are made, Lee tells him that what happened in Free, made fun of his story in his Tai Guru Charan and worked. Abused angrily to redeem.
Without delay, the four returned to the hut as soon as he entered, he saw that the body had gone from there, there was only an empty bed. The piece was not. When he came out, he saw that the mud which had gathered before the door of the hut has the footprints of a woman which has been built recently. Sharda Sankar was not a fool and it was difficult to convince him of this ghost story. After much deliberation, he decided that it is fair to say that his body was burnt.
In the morning, when the man brought the wood, he was told that he was too late and therefore no one would doubt that the free wood was cremated. Because everything was not such a valuable item that someone steals it. Everyone knows that life is mysteriously present even after there is no sign and the dead-looking body can come back to life again. Kadambini had not died, only the machine of his life stopped suddenly for some reason for some reason.

When he regained consciousness, he saw that there was darkness all around. He realizes that he is not in his usual place. Bid Didi, but no answer came from the darkness as soon as she sat down, Kranti remembered her death Shaya, the sudden onset of pain in her chest began to go unconscious.
His sister was heating some milk for the child, then Kadambini brought sister child here saying, I am worried and fainted and fell on the bed after that everything was black as if the ink feast had spread on a practice book. Yojana and Hosho Havas The whole book of the world has often come to the same shelter, the widow could not remember that the child had said the last time in her sweet voice by saying aunt Was through or not she does not remember it.
When does he have a love for a quiet place when he left the world to begin his unknown journey to death? Whether the gift was received or not, which is a form of money to spend in that endless journey.

According to my imagination, at first he must have thought that. This secluded dark place is Yamlok.

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