A woman living or dead Part 2

A woman (living or dead) Part-2

Where there is nothing to see and hear. Just keep watching, but when a cool wet breeze came in through the open door and he heard the sound of Madea hitting, he remembered clearly and in a moment the traumas of his short life. And she started to feel her connection to the earth, when the lightning flashed and she saw that pond banyan tree, big field far belly, she remembered that during the full moon day, there used to be a bath in the pond among others and how terrible she felt death. Was when she saw a corpse in the crematorium.

A woman living or dead Part 2

First of all, he got the idea that he should return home, but then he got the idea that I am dead, how can I go back home? This will put a crisis on the family. I have left the empire of the living. I am my own ghost. He thought that if it is not so, how would she get out of the safe-guarded zanana of Sharada Shankar and reach the crematorium so far in the middle of the night? Apart from this, if the cremation proceedings of the juice had not been completed, then where did the people who had come to burn him remember his last stage in the shining light of Sharda Shankar’s house. And now he found himself in a secluded cremation of darkness away.
Not a member of the society of this earth. Of course they are. A sinister creature is a bad omen. It is its own ghost.
As soon as this idea came, all those bonds that were tied to the world were broken. He realized that he had miraculous power. There is freedom in whatever he wants to do where. Can be known He got mad with the inspiration of the idea and ran like a gust of wind in the hut but stood up in desolation. There was no fear or shame in her, but as she moved forward, her legs got tired and weakness in the body, the field was spread till the end, there were paddy fields. Sometimes she finds that she is standing in knee-deep water

Even with the first ray of dawn, she did not hold one or two birds’ paradise sitting on bamboo flags from far away houses, even then I grabbed her and I could not understand what new relationship she is standing on this earth and the living people. What is the new relationship with her? As long as she was in the flat ground of the crematorium which had fallen from the dark night of Shravan, she was not afraid of anything. I was the abode of my own kingdom. Man and ghost are afraid of each other, frightened by people’s houses in the morning light. Because her castes reside on the two banks of the river of death, her clothes were stained with mud and she seemed to be a mad woman due to bizarre thoughts and walking at night. She was really good to see that people would be scared to see her and the children either

Will start stoning or run away. The person who saw him first was a traveler. He came to the buffalo and said, “You seem to be a respectable secondary woman. Where are you going this year Kadambini not being able to put her thoughts to one She kept falling silently.
She could not think that she is still in touch with the world that she seems a respectable woman that a traveler is asking her questions. The man then said, come mother, I leave you home, tell me where you live, you have not even thought about it, it would be pointless to go back to your in-laws and know the father’s house. He had not seen Jogmaya since. But from time to time, they both wrote letters to each other. Sometimes there was a quarrel between them which was also right as Kaam did not have the strength to make it clear that she has a passer affection with Jogmaya while her friend complained that K Damini Kadambini did not love her that much. She does as much as she does to him.
Believed that if they met once they would never separate again.
Kadambini told the passengers that I will go to the house of Mr. Pati in Singapore. It was fresh yesterday and not on the way to Chandapur, so I went to the house of the recruits, and the two friends met each other again before they met each other. Could not recognize but gradually they remembered each other from childhood nose to nose and both recognized each other. What is fate? Jogmaya said, I did not even think in my dreams that I will be able to see you again, but how did you come here sister, your in-laws definitely do not let you go, they are not even hiding the steps and in the end said sister do not ask about my in-laws. Leave a corner and consider me your maid, I will do your work.
What did Jogmaya shout, then I keep it like a maid, you are my close friend, you kept saying like this to me and then only Shreepati came in and did not even step for a long time, then she went out very slowly and did not keep her head and Not a little respect or courtesy is revealed that Jogmaya became afraid that Shripati might not make a false impression of her friend and started giving a long and detailed explanation for it. But Shreepati who was quick to agree with everything of Jogmaya agreed to cut the story in the middle and left Jogmaya in a disturbed mental state, but the move did not come but could not get along with his friend. Death was between them as long as consciousness was left and it was troubled by its own existence. Then closeness to others.
Could not feel when seeing Jogmaya, she does not think that she is a husband and has her own business. It lives in a world far away from me. It is a partner in the affection and duty of the people of this world. I am a hollow shadow.

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