How to Make Eggless Biscuit Cake

How to Make Eggless Biscuit Cake

How to Make Eggless Biscuit Cake | Hello Friend! Welcome to my Website

Today we will make Biscuit Chocolate Cake In a blender jar take biscuits and break them into small pieces. now add milk and sugar as per taste and blend add little milk to check the consistency blend to make a fine paste.

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The consistency of paste should be like ribbon. Now grease the tin with ghee. also add vanila essence to it.

We will make this cake in cooker.

Place a stand in a cooker, add water, and heat it. turn on the flame let it start to boil add chopped almond and mix it well. Put it in the greased tin and tap water starts to boil now place it in the cooker.

take the whistle the cooker. cover the lid allow it to cook on a medium flame for 30-40 min after 40 min cake is ready now. take it out and with the help of toothpick check the doneness of cake. the cake is ready now

allow it to cool flip on the plate you will see cake is so soft and spongy.

we will decorate it with Nutella or any chocolate spread evenly on the cake use fork to decorate the cake.

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