The unheard story of a girl Part 4

The unheard story of a girl Part 4

Started walking and eating the potatoes and eating nothing since yesterday. It was not so patient that let them cool down, many times the outer part of the poteto is slightly warmer when the tongue is burned.

The unheard story of a girl Part 4

It would have been known, but reading under the teeth, the inside part burned the young hull and palate and it was better than keeping the ember in the mouth that it could get inside, so there were many things to cool down, so both of them leave soon. However, in this attempt, tears would come in his eyes. The father remembered the marriage procession of a Thakur at the time, which he had received so cold at the party he had visited 25 years ago, it was a thing worth remembering in his life and even today, he said that I do not speak food. Since then, I never ate that kind of food again. The girls had fed everyone a lot of Puri Rasgulla Gulab Jamun. Everyone ate small and big gur chutney raita with three kinds of happiness curd sweets with three types of happiness, now what to understand, there was no hindrance in understanding what should be asked for. Did not even drink water from anyone, ate a lot of food Even the girl forcibly put kachoris or plates on his plate and he kept refusing with his hands whether enough was enough. When everyone washed their face, they got cardamom but they could not stand where they were drinking, they were full.

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