The unheard story of a girl Part 3

The unheard story of a girl Part 3

In other words, the father said to the son, go and see what is the situation
There will be no prasad of that witch, she is screaming unnecessarily, eating her head.

The unheard story of a girl Part 3

The son was afraid that if he went to the closet, his father would clean a big part of the potato.
The son avoids the father saying, I am afraid as soon as I go there, he starts making excuses.
The father says what is the fear of this? I am here.
The son retorted and said, “You only go and see, why should I go?”
Father says when my lady was dead, I did not move from her for 3 days
Then that girl will be ashamed of me, whose face I have never seen, I will see her dismembered body today, she will not even be able to understand her mind
If you see me, then she will be able to open her arms and legs. I think what will happen if there is no hair left, nothing is there in the house.
Then he says, everything will come, give God, those who are not yet paying a penny. Yesterday, I would call and give money. There was nothing in my 9 boys house. But God somehow crossed the fleet
The father often used to sit in meetings and used to spend money from his house demanding money from him.
Saragaon used to point fingers at him, yet he never worked, he had no work except to talk here and there.

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