The unheard story of a girl Part 2

The unheard story of a girl Part 2

So far you have seen how both father and son lived where
Even those thieves used to bring fenugreek pea potato crops from the fields of others and fry them

The unheard story of a girl Part 2

The father spent his entire life in the theft of the same thing, in the same way his map was following.
Son surpasses his father
Somehow the father marries the son to a poor girl
Initially everything is fine, gradually the girl came to know that both father and son Is worthless.
The girl had come to know that her father was cheated
Still she stood there.
At first the girl started concentrating on handling the house and ignoring them both
After 2 years of marriage, the girl was going to become a mother.
But her husband and her father-in-law do nothing for her
The girl came into the house, both started to fidget and did not work, they used to ask for double wages if they were given any work.
The woman and childbirth were dying of anguish.
But instead of helping him, he was sitting away and thinking that if it dies, it is better to sleep comfortably after that.
She was screaming very loudly but both were not paying any attention to her.
Both father and son ignited him and were busy talking and thinking that they go to sleep after juggling food.
Father was talking to son and there she was screaming

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