How to Create Subtitle

How to create Subtitles (srt Files – Easy way)

Hi everybody this is my new article in which I show you how to create subtitles for Any Videos.

How to Create Subtitle
How to Create Subtitle

I’m starting by opening my notepad in which I will create my subtitles At first I must write an order of subtitle Then I must write the start time and the end time of subtitle Both times are in format hours minutes and seconds separated by colon I am writing between start time and end time two dashes and beak to create arrow from start time to end time below a time I write the text of my subtitle Then I add space between first and second subtitle and I am repeating creating procedure with the second subtitle but I wrote two instead of one because this is the second subtitle

Now I am saving my subtitles when you will create your own subtitles don’t forget to change the encoding of subtitles to UTF-8 and ending of subtitles to srt Now I start my video then I am adding my file with subtitles and close my video Now I am starting my video again but now with subtitles Thanks for reading.

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