Home Pregnancy test With Prega News Kit

Home Pregnancy test With Prega News Kit

Did you miss your periods?

Are you worried that you might be pregnant?

Are you worried that you might be pregnant?

Wondering how to confirm pregnancy?

Home Pregnancy test With Prega News Kit
Home Pregnancy test With Prega News Kit

Today we’ll talk about the pregnancy test kit. There are some myths on the internet that pregnancy can be checked at home using detol or sugar or toothpaste but please don’t use such incorrect methods because..there is no scientific evidence for the same.

Pregnancy test kits are easily available in the market. you can get it from any pharmacy without any prescription. There are many brands out there For pregnancy test kits. but they all work the same way…and give the same results. Hence,

The brand of the kit you choose does not affect your test results. So, how does the kit work?

So when you’re actually pregnant, meaning when your egg is fertilized and this fertilized egg enters your uterus Then, a hormone called HCG is produced Also known as pregnancy hormone This hormone is produced in your body when you are pregnant. This hormone is then later also passed out from your urine and that is how we will detect whether you are pregnant or not So, how exactly do we do this test?

First, we open the kit packet And, we take the contents out from the packet… This is the pregnancy test card where we’ll put our urine Apart from that, we can find a dropper…using which we’ll put the urine And we’ll also find a moisture absorbent which we don’t require. so you can throw it away if you want So, how do we collect the urine?

You can either collect it in a container Or in the packet of the kit itself… Or instead of collecting urine you can put the kit at your urine stream flow Now, watch this part carefully… On this rectangle part, there is a “C” which means “Collector” The other is “T” which means “Test” Take 3 drops of urine via the dropper and drop them in the “sample well” shown above After you put the urine there Wait for 2 mins.

We will read the results on the rectangular part As discussed, there is a “Control” line known as “C” This “C” line will always be shown but, if the “T” line is also shown, meaning there are two lines which are shown on the rectangular part… then that means you are pregnant and the test is positive!

but if there is no line against the test “T” and there is only one line against “control” i.e. “C” that means the test is negative and you are not pregnant if there is no line to be seen Neither next to “C” and nor “T” then that means that the kit is not working properly Either the kit is already expired or… the pregnancy test was not done properly because if the kit is working fine, then the line next to “control” i.e. “C” will always show When to do the pregnancy test?

The best time to do the test is one day after you have missed your period that is, if you have regular period cycles of 28 to 30 days and you did not get your period on time then do the pregnancy test and if you have irregular period cycles, then in that case Whenever you last had sexual intercourse Wait for 3 weeks from that date And do your pregnancy test 3 weeks after that date What time of the day should we do this test?

What time is suitable?

This pregnancy test can be done at any time of the day However, early morning time is the best Because…

The chances of getting the most accurate results increases that are because, if you do it during the day and if by chance you had a lot of water before the test or tea..or coffee… then your urine would be diluted and in that case, you will get a false negative meaning you will be pregnancy while the pregnancy test kit will show you not pregnant is it possible that you are pregnant but… the test kit does not show positive?

This is known as false-negative so when does this happen?

It might happen that, you have taken the test too early, and, the pregnancy is at a very early stage, which is why it does not show up on the pregnancy test… Or it might be that your pregnancy test kit is not working fine… it might be expired or If you haven’t done the test properly, then too it can show a false negative result There can be one more situation – That there appears to be a Control “C” line…but, The test “T” line appears to be very light This result is known as faint positive Faint positive means Pregnancy is there Whenever there is two lines, there is pregnancy for sure but the line is very faint…which means that, the test was done too early and the pregnancy hormone HCG did not develop yet… That’s why the line is still faint Another reason could be that… Pregnancy is there but it’s not going forward well… There might be possible chances of miscarriage meaning, you might need to abort.

The third reason could be that, The pregnancy implantation did not happen inside the uterus but somewhere outside it. So what could be done in such cases?

We can repeat the test After waiting for two days, we can do the test once again…

If we haven’t taken the morning urine sample, then this time we can try doing the test again with a morning urine sample Still then, If you did not get your period, and if your urine pregnancy test result is negative, then please consult a doctor Most probably your doctor will advise you to do a blood test for pregnancy With blood pregnancy test results, you’ll know for sure So, if your blood test does not show pregnancy That means you are not pregnant!

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